Zach Agioutantis, PhD


This page provides links to software packages which have been developed by Prof. Zach Agioutantis and are either free to the public or available on a commercial basis.

Free software developed by Prof. Agioutantis and sponsored by NIOSH.  The links below redirect to corresponding pages available on the NIOSH website.

  1. AHSM
  2. ALPS
  3. AMSS
  4. ARBS
  5. ARMPS 2010
  7. CMRR
  8. Ground Control Toolbar

Free software developed by Prof. Agioutantis and sponsored by the Wetland Research Initiative (currently managed by the Resource Protection Group, Inc.).

  1. Wetbud: A free package for constructed wetland design. Click here for a short summary of this project.

Free software developed by Prof. Agioutantis.

  1. ACPS: The Analysis of Coal Pillar Stability (ACPS) now integrates all three of the older software packages for coal pillar design (ARMPS, ALPS and AMSS) into a single pillar design framework. 
  2. AMRS: The Analysis of Mine Roof Support (AMRS) package implements a design methodology that builds on and quantifies the basic roof support concepts that have been successfully applied in US coal mines.
  3. RockWin: A tool for helping students studying Rock Mechanics 
  4. BlastWin:

Commercial packages developed by Prof. Agioutantis

  1. SDPS: This package is used to calculate ground deformations (subsidence, strain, horizontal displacements, slope, etc) based on the mineplan, surface topo and geological characteristics. SDPS is a niche program developed through Virginia Tech and available free of charge to Federal and State Agencies. The commercial version of the package is available at: